The Community Involvement Panel met on the 09/07/13.

| Category: Age, Disability, Gender, General, Race & Ethnicity, Religion & Belief, Sexual Orientation & Transgender

The meeting's theme was around the victim's right to review.

​Three cases were reviewed from the recent Violence Against Women and Girls Scrutiny Panel ( VAWGSP ). It found that there were several good examples of partnership working in the case build process with close liaison between the CPS and Police to strengthen and build a strong prosecution case, as well as early consideration of special measures. Two further cases were reviewed from the Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel (HCSP). It was found that the letters from the WCU Officer to the victim and witnesses were simple and clearly written and evidenced great improvement in ensuring CJS processes were understood. The next VAWGSP meeting theme will be `Rape’, whilst the HCSP will focus on Disability Hate Crime and Crime against older people. For more information please see the download below.