National Citizen Service programme

| Category: Age, General

Now recognised by both UCAS, Colleges and employers alike as an example of positive achievement, NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that helps young people to build skills for work and life through a fun and exciting residential programme.

​Designed specifically for 16 and 17 year olds, young people will participate in a four week, all-inclusive summer programme during the school holidays which includes: and to gain an experience of living independently

  • 5 days residential at an Outdoor Adventure Activity Centre (e.g. PGL)
  • 5 days residential at a college, university or similar venue, to work on their employability skills
  • 5 days planning a social action project
  • 30 hours delivering their project within the local community
  • Graduation ceremony – Premiere their own NCS journey film
  • Signed certificate of Graduation from the Prime Minister

The programme is offered for the small programme charge of £35 per person. To ensure all young people are able to participate, a full bursary is also available for young people subject to evidence of benefits. We also run an alternative Autumn and Spring programme offering a condensed version of the above over a 1 week period in the school holidays. All social action work is undertaken during the weekends. We already have a number of Training Centres who are incorporating the NCS programme into their own areas of provision (particularly Study Programme), and we would be very happy to speak to you about how we may be able to support you with this area, should it be one you would like to consider.