‘Faith, Poverty and Justice’ - Lambeth Palace Inter-Faith Event with DFID

| Category: Religion & Belief

Lambeth Palace hosted a launch of the Department for International Development’s 'Faith Partnership Principles' by Secretary of State, Andrew Mitchell.

​The document has been produced by DFID in consultation with a working group from faith-based development organizations across the faith spectrum. The paper sets out principles to guide DFID’s relationship with faith groups, to build greater common understanding, mutual respect and cooperation in overcoming poverty. This initiative represents a significant moment in inter faith relations with faith based development organisations bringing together resources of their different traditions in the service of the world’s poorest people. As the Archbishop said, “What we share with each other as faith communities is a vision of humanity that speaks not just of rights but of the honour due to human beings, an honour that informs and drives our commitment to international development.” The launch was followed by a panel discussion and debate, convened by Dr Rowan Williams, on the subject of ‘Faith, Poverty and Justice’, with an audience of senior leaders from across the faith communities and faith-based development organizations. Link to report below