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Asylum and Humanitarian Protection for lesbian, gay and bisexual people - Stonewall Oct 2011

| Category: Sexual Orientation & Transgender

A guide designed to provide an overview of asylum law and humanitarian protection for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people follows on from Stonewall’s 2010 report No Going Back: lesbian and gay people and the asylum system which found systemic failures in the UK’s asylum system resulting in lesbian, gay and bisexual asylum seekers regularly being refused asylum in the UK. The guide discusses the legal basis for LGB people to make asylum claims including proving a well-founded fear of persecution because of their sexuality and a failure of their state to provide protection from this persecution. The guide provides useful case law examples and scenarios to illustrate its points. It also discusses the scenarios in which Humanitarian Protection might be granted rather than Refugee Status. It provides a clear demonstration of the asylum process, stage by stage, as well as advice on how to appeal. Its section on practical considerations gives advice for asylum seekers on how to deal with their legal representatives, the types and quality and evidence they will need to provide and the importance of witnesses in making successful claims. The guide also touches on the changes in UK immigration law for those looking to reside with their same-sex partners here. However, since this differs from the report’s main focus on asylum, the advice is mainly focussed on signposting to organisations who have more detailed knowledge on this subject. This signposting is included in the final section which details numerous other sources of further help and information. To read the full report,  follow ‘Read More’ link below or visit::

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